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Auto Swiper for Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, Lovoo, PoF and OkCupid.

Less time swiping, more time dating.

Auto Swiper Filter Options

How it works

Install Auto Swiper

The Auto Swiper Extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium Browsers.


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Set your preferences

Open a supported dating site and widen your preferences so you can refine in the Auto Swiper later to get a better dislike / like swipe ratio. You profile will be rated as more selective which will result in better profile offerings.

Example: You are searching for a person between 32 and 36 years old so set your preferences it in the dating app to 28 and 38.

Setup Auto Swiper

You have filter options for age, distance, minimum amount of pictures and 10 words you don't like.

With the Premium version you have additional options to skip profiles with unknown distance, ignore distance at all and extended distance filter up to 2500 km/mi . You also have more slots for unwanted and additionally prefered words who will get a instant like.

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Start & get more Matches

Now you are ready to start the Auto Swiper and let it do the hard work of swiping so you have more time to get in touch with your matches.


Free Version

Support of Multiple Dating Sites

At this point Auto Swiper supports Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, Lovoo, PoF and OkCupid.

Let me know if you are missing a dating site.

Free Version

Age Filters

You can filter profiles by age.

Free Version

Unwanted Words

You can define unwanted words which will result in a dislike.

Free Version

Support of multiple Languages

Currently 27 languages are supported. Let me know if you find an error or quickly fix it here.


Premium Version

Prefered Words

You can define wanted words which will automatically result in a like.

Premium Version

Time between Swipes

You can set the amount of seconds between each swipe.

Premium Version

Automatic Page Reload

Reload the page after a defined amount of swipes to get better profiles.

Premium Version

Location Spoofing

Change your location so you can swipe all over the world.

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  • 100 Swipes per run / 500 per day
  • Age Range
  • Min. Picture Count
  • 10 Unwanted Words
  • Unlimited Swipes per run
  • Left swipe percentage
  • 100 Swipes per run
  • Age Range
  • Min. Picture Count
  • Skip Empty Distance, Ignore Distance, Extended Distance
  • No Empty Description, Only Verified Profiles
  • Unlimited Unwanted Words
  • Unlimited Preferred Words
  • Set Time between Swipes
  • Set Swipes till page reload
  • Swipe Statistics
  • Swipe Log
  • Change Location
$2 / per Month


What are the best Settings?

You should look that the Auto Swiper has a ~20 left to right swipe ratio and that it's not swiping to fast all the time. Else there is the chance of getting detected as a Bot.

For how long should i use the Auto Swiper each day?

Don't let it swipe all day long else you get Detected as a Bot. Best you use it for 20 to 60min during peak hours.

When is the best time to Swipe?

During peak hours when most Users are Online active swiping. This is variates from each Country. Mostly it is after Work when they commute or in the Evening before Bed.

Can i also use it on my Smartphone?

Yes you can use it with the Kiwi Browser on Android. Tinder is compleatly Supported and the others may have some Issues. Please Contact me when you find a Error. Bumble does not work since it's only work in the Mobile App.

Will you Support Firefox?

Yes Support for Firefox is on the way. When Firefox / Mozilla fully Support Manifest 3 i will Publish it as soon as possible.

Will the Safari Extension Support the Premium Options?

Right now i Support only the Free Version on Safari. But im working on the Premium Support for Safari.

I have no Credit Card can i also Pay with PayPal?

Yes you can write me for Payment Details. Message me on .

How can i reactivate my Premium Account?

Install the Extension and go on Premium. Then click on Login and enter your E-Mail you Signed up. You will get a E-Mail where you can Activate this Extension Instance.

How can i cancel my Premium Account?

Open the Extension go on Premium and there on check your Subscription. In the new Window you can cancel your Subscription. You can also write me to cancel it.


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I have tried almost all "Right Swipers" there are, and this is definitely one of the most sophisticated swipers out there.

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Benjamin Battle

Simply amazing I've gotten a handful of matches and dates due to this. Just let this run while I'm working all day this is genius! Going to send the dev a donation this is just amazing.

Chrome Webstore

Gabriel Torres

Simply incredible. Improved a lot the quality of my matches here, plus saves me hours of swipping.

Chrome Webstore

Blake Williams

Simply put it works, you deserve 5 stars.

Chrome Webstore

Terrell Davis

I find it absolutely amazing it works absolutely fine and I love the fact that he gives you the options that he does great work

Chrome Webstore

Nicholas Taylor

Awesome time saver. Filters out the bots/scammers very consistently. Haven't had a problem yet.

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Adolfo Grosso

Muy buena, de maravilla. La ajustaron a lo que estaba deseando estos ultimos días: Palabras favoritas o permitidas, muy bueno.

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Hab unironisch um einiges mehr Matches pro Tag bekommen einfach weil ich vorher zu faul war die ganze Zeit zu swipen. Hab auch per Mail geschrieben das ich nicht über Kreditkarte bezahlen kann und man hat mir direkt das Angebot gemacht über Paypal zu zahlen. Ehrenmänner

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Marouane Ejjiyar

It's really good and unique

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